Who We Work With

Who We Work With

We love working with clients from different verticals and industries. It keeps our creative juices flowing, and also adds valuable projects and experience to our portfolio. Work with us and feature in our impressive list of clientele.

We work with clients at various stages and different areas of their business; whatever the size of your company is we are able to provide the right products and services for you. Whether you need to build your brand from scratch or give your existing brand a face lift, drop us a line and we will be more than happy to work with you.

Vanessa and the guys at Fozil Media certainly know how to drive a hard bargain! But it's all worthwhile when you see the results at the end of it. Vanessa is one of my most switched on affiliates; her web skills and professionalism really help me to get the most out of our business relationship; saving me a lot of time and consistently delivering high quality leads.

Vikki Taylor - UK Marketing Manager, Bingocams

Fozil Media deliver on their promises. Although we have only worked for a short period, the numbers delivered by Fozil Media have been good. Fozil Media seem to have the right audience for which they are skillfully able to target to provide for my acquisition needs.

Pil-Jeong Oh - Head of Gaming, Global Personals

We have been working with Fozil Media for several months now and are very pleased with the results we have had. Our Account Manager is Ms. Vanessa Braganza and she is constantly monitoring the traffic and players they send us, the availability of new marketing materials and awareness of special offers for players. Her relationship with our Affiliate Team is extremely professional and a success on both sides. We look forward to continuing and growing this relationship with her company in a manner that is profitable for all.

Abi Leaver - Affiliate Account Manager, Bingo Stars Network

We have had a fantastic experience working with our Account Manager Vanessa from Fozil Media. We have enjoyed a close working relationship with this company and found that they have produced fantastic results for us. They have been very helpful in helping us achieve our business aims and their attentiveness and superb communication skills are definitely something that we appreciate. We hope to have a long lasting partnership with them and look forward to even more exceptional results moving forward!

Tali Rosenblum - Affiliate Manager, Spice Bingo

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